Aaron on Fire: Episode 2 | The Abandoned Street

Noir et Rouge

‘This is what your stupid email cost us.’ Veronika stormed into the office and threw a printout on his desk.

“I need your chequebook, not your opinion.” – @AaronAndAaron loses his temper again; costs him his supper. Prestige Foods CFO quits.

  • @DailyEntertainmentNews                                 28 minutes ago

“John Schindler calls it off from @AaronAndAaron @VeronikaSays’s first film which is in its pre-production stage. Click on the link…’

  • @StarReports 24 minutes ago

“John Schindler, CFO Prestige Foods calls it quits after a condescending remark from @AaronAndAaron over a script discussion.” #AaronOnFire

  • @INTNewsLive 23 minutes ago

‘Oh for fuck sake, not again! Aaron on Fire?’

Veronika stares at him.

Aaron covers his face in despair.


‘Ma’am, I have Mr. Zishan’s assistant on the line.’ One of the assistants said.

‘I’ll call him back.’

‘No, I’ll take it. Transfer it here.’


‘No, I’ll take it.’

‘Are you sure?’

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